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The flowering Riviera on Lake Constance

in 2005 Überlingen was awarded the gold medal in Germany`s national competition. Entente Florale - Our town in Bloom. Überlingen`s project, the path of garden culture, gained the judges favour as an exceptional garden project. This new path of garden culture comprises three walks linking the most attractive parks and gardens in and around Überlingen.

Water fun for young and old

The town continued its century-old bathing tradition ba opening the Bodensee-Therme Überlingen spa in 2003. With the accolade of four wellness stars - awarded to wellbeing and fitness centres throughout Baden-Württemberg - the spa attracts visitors whatever the weather and time of year. The spacious spa offers a large outdoor thermal pool, a sports pool, rubber tyre slide and multilane slide, an area for parents and children, a whirlpool, alternating hot and cold Kneipp foot pools and an annexed sauna area. Sauna guests can cool down in the largest natural plunge pool, Lake Constance. In Summer, wimming and sunbathing extends out to the neighbouring lidos West beach, East beach and Nußdorf beach on the outskirts of Überlingen. The Bodensee-Therme and the lidos West beach is 500 mtr. from our guesthouse Wirtshaus zum Felsen!

The best in cultural appreciation

Überlingen provides an abundance of architectural delights. The historical old town centre is full of gothic-style buildings. The town´s prominent landmark is St.Nicholas cathedral for the 15th and 16th centuries. The council chamber in the town hall, the St.Judocus chapel and several other buildings also date back to the flourishing gothic period. Cultural highlights include among others international art exhibitions and the annual entertaining summer theatre. Guests can delight in the typical local hospitaility and treat themselves to the finest culinary specialties in one of the man many restaurants an inns. Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable stay in Überlingen.



Überlingen - Blessed by the Sun

Überlingen is a garden town and a centre for famous Kneipp spa treatments. Situated on the sunny north shore of Lake Constance, the almost Mediterranean lake climate ond the abundance of flora and fauna on the lake front promenade make it an ideal tourist destination.

Water temperature in summer 25°C

Mean water temperature in July 20°C

Height above sea level    395 m

Max. length 63,5 km

Max. width 14 km

Max. depth 254 m

Largest towns on the Lake


Constance 80.000 - Friedrichshafen 57.000 - Überlingen 22.000



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